Thinking beyond the box – Welcome to the new J+D Consulting branding

Kotler et al states that a brand is defined as a name, term, sign or symbol (or a combination of these) that identifies the maker or seller of the product. Whilst we of course do not dispute this, rather we agree, a brand design can also evoke many emotions, provoke thought and of course the activity surrounding a brand can induce different behaviours.

Many argue that a branding exercise is an art in terms of design and creativity. However, at J+D Consulting, whilst creative flair was important in the rebranding process, we were keen not to lose sight of our methodical, technical and collaborative ethos.

The brief was developed with the key goal not only to freshen up the existing brand but ensure it stood out and was differentiated. That said the branding had to support our core values of supporting our clients to make better decisions based on the right insights.

The ‘+’ sign was the initial focus from the beginning and was a major influence in the overall branding identity concept. The ‘+’ sign is known as a symbol of positive outcomes, collaboration and growth, and also relates to formula and analytics. All-important concepts for an agency like ours that prides itself on problem solving, supporting clients with knowledge gaps to enable effective forecasting and efficient decision making.

The ‘+’ sign concept developed further and then came the introduction of pentamino shapes. A plane geometric figure formed by joining five equal squares edge to edge. These shapes allows us to express our values in a flexible manner over the key communication touch points across our business.

At J+D Consulting a mixture of creative flair and scientific process combine seamlessly across a senior team to support our clients in making the right decisions. We understand that it is not just about looking good but having the right professional people to deliver and work collaboratively with a range of stakeholders from the CEO to a patient.

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